Talking Teeth 402 px w


Perhaps people are too busy to give the tiny row of convex and concave metal teeth that work so hard to fasten so many of our clothes, boots and bags any real attention.

However, we were thinking about the demands of an active life when working on Just William and wanted to make sure our hand finished leather accessories would open and close without too much pomp and ceremony; leading us to Riri and the legacy of Swiss jurist, Martin Othmar Winterhalter.

Perfecting earlier versions of the zip first presented at the World Exposition of Chicago in 1892, Winterhalter bought the patent for the handcrafted zip for Europe in 1923 and made a fortune finding solutions to produce his better, smoother design on an industrial scale.
Talking Teeth 2 402 px w
The German term for concave and convex – denoting the shape of the zipper teeth – translates as ‘rile und rippe,’ hence the acronym Riri, which is embossed on the underside of every velvety zipper used in the Just William collection and recognised internationally as the ultimate in quality, precision and reliability.